From one day to the next.

My grandmother is at a nursing home currently for rehab purposes. She fell and broke her hip and had hip replacement. I firmly believe that whole generation could still fight and win against today’s high schoolers.But, as I sat there in the nursing home I started to think about our bodies. There are numerous things that can happen that are uncontrollable: bones that are more brittle than others, dementia, certain types of cancer, heart disease,.. aging. We are on daily slope. But, here’s the kicker.. if we aren’t on the slope we aren’t breathing anymore. If we only think about the slope then we are wasting our joy. If we worry we rob ourselves of so much.Then I thought about all the people that are permanently there. How some just want to feel the sunshine. Most there because their minds have given out uncontrollably before their bodies.But, the opposite of that is our body wearing out before our minds do. So if that’s the case what happens between one day I am squatting and the next I can’t? It’s not a daily thing that stops. It’s a gradualist thing, right? So what if we lessen our chances of things we can control? To at least give ourselves a less steep slope. What if every day we squat a few times to ensure we will be able to do it again tomorrow? What if we bend over and deadlift today and the next day so that we can pick up dog food still when we are 80. What if we walk today so our heart rate stays lower while resting at 75.Somethings are totally out of control. But, why not control what we can. Squat every day so there is not just a day that realize you can’t anymore. Those people in there don’t care if they will fit in a certain size pants or look good on vacation while swimming. They just want to walk outside on their own and feel the sunshine. Workout to be independent for as long as possible.

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