Frequently Asked Questions

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General Questions

How much does a membership plan cost?

  • $30/ a month or $300/ a year

What equipment do I need?

  • A set of dumbbells. My suggestion is to start out with 5-10lb dumbbells as you progress you should move up in weight to get the most out of the program.
  • Resistance bands of your choice. We commonly use resistance bands for accessory work.
  • If you are working outside you may want a yoga mat.(This is not required.)

Can my membership be paused or canceled any time?

  • Yes! After you login, under “My Account”, you can cancel or pause at any time. Pausing will allow you to pick back up without having to create a new account later.

Do I have to commit to a contract when I sign up?

  • Nope, you can cancel anytime. ☺

When is my payment drafted out each month?

  • Whatever day you sign-up is the same day it will draft each month.

What does my membership include?

  • Daily workouts listed out. Except for Thursday’s and Sunday’s those are scheduled rest days.
  • Over 100 movement demo videos to help with the daily workouts.
  • Tons of nutritionally info. Including: sample meal plan, access to a 4 week challenge you can start anytime, links for recipe examples, Recipes on the site, printable weekly PDF meal planner, and much more!
  • Access to our Fitness Forum were any member can post information/ ask questions.
  • Access to our prayer board where members can share prayer request, encourage other, or post a devotional.
  • Access to our blog.
  • Full access to me to be able to ask questions, get extra help.



Do you offer custom meal plans?

  • No, we offer a changing sample meal plan on the site to be used as a guide. We also offer recipes and healthy eating guidelines, tricks, and tips to help.


Pregnancy/ PostPartum

Can I start your program if I am pregnant?

  • Yes! Make sure to ask your doctor first before signing up. Find out from your doctor if there are any restrictions as well. I suggest doing a modified version of each daily workout and using 5lb weights if you have not previously been involved with a fitness program. You can cut rounds in half or down as well as the time domain. Most importantly, lower the intensity of your workout, take breaks when needed, and drink water as needed during the workout. To ensure the babies heart rate is not going to high you can wear a heart rate monitor or watch that will monitor this. Make sure to be able to talk throughout your workout being able to carry on a conversation ensures your heart rate is not too high.

How long after giving birth can I start your program?

  • I know you will be eager to start your fitness journey back postpartum, but first it’s very important to listen to the guidelines set by your doctor. Ask your doctor when it is safe to start and what restrictions are in place at first. Once he or she releases you, you are good to start. My recommendation is to start very slow and slow progress.



Do you only do body weight movements on this program?

  • No! We usually only do only body weight movements on Monday’s to let everyone join in on a free bodyweight workout with us. The rest of the week we are using dumbbells and/or a barbell if members have one.

How long are the workouts each day?

  • On average about 12-25 mins. total.

What is accessory work?

  • Accessory work is added in at the end of a workout. It usually not timed or for intensity. It’s added workout focusing on certain skills.

Will this program help me lose weight?

  • Yes! If that is the goal combined with proper nutrition. FFF can certainly, help you lose weight.

Will this program make me too bulky because we are lifting weights?

  • No! That’s a common misconception that you get bulky by lifting. Quite the contrary happens- you will get leaner and add muscle tone.

Can I start even if I have not been very active before?

  • Yes! We take and love all fitness levels.

What if I am not familiar body weight or dumbbell movement?

  • That’s okay! There are over 100 demo videos on the site to show you exactly what to do. ☺

What if I don’t understand some of the workout terminology?

  • That’s okay! There’s a drop down box with a list of abbreviations and acronyms listed out on the daily workout page.


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