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About Brittany

Brittany is a lover of Jesus Christ. She is wife to Jared and momma to Jozi Noel (6), and current foster momma to heart grown baby “G”. Brittany is currently in her 13th year of teaching PE and Weightlifting at Pickens High School in upstate South Carolina, and as of this year now teaching a Unified PE class!. She has taught a women’s only fitness class for 2 years. She loves her job and the people God has allowed her to work alongside. She believes God has revealed himself more through this year in foster care more than ever and can’t wait to share more! Read more


“Coach is a word that does not convey what Brittany Kelley does. She is a motivator, prayer warrior, and an expert in her craft. She not only traineed me, she jumped in and helped me make it to the finish line. When I couldn’t even make one bear crawl she placed herself on the floor with me and went the whole way til I made it. But, she also knows how to modify an exercise so you can increase your strength and not be discouraged. And when I ran my first 5k, she ran with me and at my level. She can take you where you are to where you need to be, but first you have to show up. I am forever grateful for this amazing Coach!”

Tracey Morgan

Our Story

In the last year God has revealed himself so magnificently in our home! We owe him so much and are very undeserving of the grace he’s continued to pour into our family. What started out as a desire to adopt overseas, to our now current foster care love story, he has been right by our side. So when God laid this desire to help women reach their fitness goals on my heart the most appropriate name for our group we decided: Fostering Faith and Fitness.

To Foster means to encourage or promote the development of something. Our ultimate goal is to provide women with the means to reach their fitness goals despite all the external factors women face in life. The goal and mission of Fostering Faith and Fitness is to build a community of Christian women that will pray for each other, encourage, and learn how to move and to improve their overall health and wellness.

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