I've Seen My Life Transform

“I’ve been a member of FFF for two years. During those two years, I’ve seen my life transform, not just physically but spiritually and mentally as well. I was an athlete for many years so I knew how to workout, but I couldn’t ever find a workout program that suited me until I joined FFF and started working with Brittany. This program is so practical, can be done anywhere, and is truly for everyone regardless of where you’re at on your fitness journey. This program is Christ-centered and you can feel that through Coach Brittany. This community is about so much more than fitness and I’m so thankful to be a part of it!”

Christen Stewart

I am Forever Grateful

“Coach is a word that does not convey what Brittany Kelley does. She is a motivator, prayer warrior, and an expert in her craft. She not only trained me, she jumped in and helped me make it to the finish line. When I couldn’t even make one bear crawl she placed herself on the floor with me and went the whole way til I made it. But, she also knows how to modify an exercise so you can increase your strength and not be discouraged. And when I ran my first 5k, she ran with me and at my level. She can take you where you are to where you need to be, but first you have to show up. I am forever grateful for this amazing Coach!”

Tracey Morgan

I feel The best now than I have felt in years

“I could talk about how during the past 3 weeks of working with Brittany I have lost 3 lbs, or talk about how I have lost 9 lbs total since starting FFF in January, but what I want to talk about is how Brittany and FFF have given me my health and life back. I had gained 35 lbs since starting medical school 2 years ago due to being sedentary while studying, making poor food choices/stress eating, being in a poor mental health state, making myself think I didn’t have time to workout, and then of course COVID knocking me down. I feel the best now than I have felt in years. I feel fit, energized, and am fueling my body with the nutrients it needs. Often times I forget that when I say my body is a temple of God, it means how I fuel it and take care of it also. The past 3 weeks of working one-on-one with Brittany filled in the missing gaps and have given me the confidence I was lacking. Her faith is inspiring and has renewed a new joy in my life. There are not enough words to say how much Brittany and FFF have impacted my life, but man I am so glad God put it in my life and truly believe His hand is in the FFF community.”

Audrey Leclair

It gives you so much strength

“Hi, my name is Taylor! I am married to my best friend and we have two beautiful children. We are expecting another sweet addition in January. 

Before I started Fostering Faith & Fitness I struggled with self worth and confidence in myself. Not only did this program help me with my confidence, but I grew closer with God during our Bible reading. Working out is so tough mentally and physically, but when you center your workout with Christ it gives you so much strength.”
Taylor Furr


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