His shoes.

Put yourself in his shoes. 


I just read a quote by @laurenmarl that said death is not the solution to foster care. Death is not the solution to abuse. Death is not the solution to being unloved. 


If I could have taken those things away from G. Would I l? Most certainly. With my entire being. I would carry that for him. But, would it have been better for him to have been aborted? Nope. God had/has plans for him. Though his start was horrific, I’m glad so glad he was given life and breath. I am so glad God breathed his breath of life into him. 


The argument to all those “solutions” is highly invalid. The Lord knew G in the womb just has he did Jozi Noel. Just as he did you and I. He knew his name before the world did. He formed him and molded him by the experiences most of us will never know. This mama heard the worst of the worst of conditions played out in a courtroom about someone who carries my heart outside of my body. So horrific my ears rung for two days after and I had to find a spot outside to pretend I was there instead of where I actually was. Because, it was too much. But, you know what? I would choose life for him again and again and again. 


It offends me. It hurts me. It crushes my heart. To know someone would think death would have been better for him. 


Those are not solutions those are excuses for abortion. Ask Gabriel. 


I will not apologize. I will not dull my view or quieten my voice on the platform I have. There is no such thing is a safer form of a way to sin. Don’t cloud it. 


The solution is ADOPTION. 


& the solution for brokenness is wholeness we only find in Jesus. 



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