Promise Land


Feeling all the things as we are two days away from forever. I always read where moms felt the lose involved with adoption, I thought that was strange. But, I have this week felt it. I have been reminded of what G went through to get here- of the brokenness.

I have been reminded of phone calls of news that seemed to stop our world on several occasions. But, I have also been reminded this week of the goodness of God. He never left us. I can boldly say- through it all. He never left. His presence was there in every single thing we have been through. Even in this final week God’s handy work was here once again.

We got a call Monday our hearing would no longer be virtual- we will be face to face in the court room Monday. G will have a beautiful day in court.

This week I have thought about the conversation I had with my mom when I felt called into foster care. I was scared and looking for a voice of reason to tell me to take the safe route (not foster care.) But, instead she said, “if you feel led- you should-… or else you’ll miss your blessing.”

What a blessing the last three years of our lives have been. What a gift we have in G. What an honor to have gotten to be used by God in this way. What a privilege to see more and more of God’s glory and to be able to share that. I am overwhelmed because my cup runneth over.

Wonder how the Israelites felt after 40 years stepping foot in the promise land? We waited three and I feel astonished. We are about to walk through our promise land.

When God told Moses he could only see the back of Him because he would not be able to handle seeing His face. We can’t comprehend how good he is. We can’t.

Whatever you are being called to- don’t miss your blessing. From the other side it is truly more than you can even take in.

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