Trauma and Potty training.

Bubs has been in potty training mode. He’s trying so hard and loves for us to tell him he’s doing a good job. He has got the strongest will I’ve ever seen. He’s literally had to survive and that is inside of him. He will literally have a drive to be able to do Anything he chooses for his entire life.

Parenting a child that has had serious trauma is different. No one tells you that or teaches you any of it. Overstimulation happens fairly quickly so you have to be on your toes and certain things (food) are triggers. Our prayer is that this mission field we’ve been called to, even after adoption, continues to daily Glorify our father in heaven.

I pray for us to be able to hone that will in a God shape pattern for whatever plans He has for G. In a way that is pleasing to Jesus just like we pray that for JN.

In the mean time prayers we all survive potty train mode.



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