Our lawyer, Jim.

We have had a lawyer now for 2.5 years.

To be completely up front and clear. Jim didn’t win our case. God did. Jim stated every time we walked out of the court room he has known from the beginning a “much greater power is on our side.”

But, to have a voice in court we had to retain a lawyer. We weren’t just led to any lawyer- Jim wrote the book. No, he really did. He wrote a book published by the South Carolina Bar entitled South Carolina Adoption Law and Practice, A Guide for Attorneys. A book law students use to help pass the the Bar exam.

Two lawyers turned our case down before Jim because the didn’t want to take our money and loose a case that was impossible to win they said.

Jim took our case. But, Jim told me it was “a case within a case and it would be very hard.” Jim’s friend also took our case along side him… probono because she believed the Lord would have her help.

This particular hearing was very crucial in that the judge could have ruled G leave immediately. It was suppose to last 15 mins- it lasted 1.5 hours. She ruled to allow him to stay until she could look into our case more in-depth- giving us at least 3 more months with him.

I believe we pray for things and God uses people according to His will and answers as He sees fit. God used Jim in our lives. I can not be convinced otherwise. Just as he uses the hands of doctors & nurses, the minds of teachers, and speaks through preachers.

There was a time I was questioned about this choice to retain Jim. I was hurt by this. Not a little hurt a lot. I wasn’t questioned about my choice in choosing a lawyer, but rather if it were God’s ultimate will that G stayed if we had to have a lawyer at all. But, the more I think about Jim. The more I realize it wasn’t ever us that retained Jim- it was God. You see Jim called us.

The other lawyer I spoke about she called him about our case. He called us. The man who wrote the book that all other lawyers use- called us three weeks before a hearing to remove G. Divinely orchestrated by the One who wrote The Book in which all Christians use as a guide.

Want to know something crazier?… Jim just waved our final adoption fee. $5,000. Because he was touched by our case. His heart was touched by God’s goodness and work in our “case within a case.”

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