{Election Day.}

What a God given right we have.

I voted early during one of the three days our power was out. Jared and I took turns standing in line while the other stayed in the car with our kids.

I stood in line for an hour.

Five people ahead of me a was a lady, 80 years old at least, that also stood for an hour. I made it a point to watch her while I was in line.

She stood with who I presumed to be her daughter. She passed chairs she could have sat down in, but never took a seat.

She also shivered as we stood outside. (We had went after hiking and I had shorts on… it was getting pretty stinking chilly.)

People behind me complained. But, I literally made it a point to watch this lady. She never once in the hour we stood complained.

I wondered how many elections she’d had the privilege to vote in.

I wondered what her thoughts where on the “big issues” such as pro-life vs. pro-choice. If she was standing there for the babies. Since women could only vote for the first time 100 years ago… I wondered if the first time she voted was the first time women actually had rights to vote.

Either way,  I knew she stood like it was such a privilege to be there in line.

I knew she was tired and cold. But, man I thought what a God given privilege we have to vote. If she can stand there so can every one of us. How dare we complain about lines and waiting. I have no idea who she voted for.

But, she stood there to make what she thought would be the best decision for our country’s future and for the future of my kids too!!! I felt such a since of gratitude standing just a few people back from her.

❤️🤍💙 You get to stand in line today so go do it.

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