To the finish line.

We met our new caseworker today.

Our last caseworker has become part of our family. He has stood in the gap for us for a year. He has came to parties and church functions. He has been there. He took a new position with the anticipation our case was finished, and that we’d allow him to be at our adoption alongside our new caseworker. We were his first case and his first house he visited. We call him our “New York Angel”. He swooped down and advocated for G’s best interest in a time of need. Finding out about our appeal and loosing our precious caseworker the same weekend has been just an added sting. •

I assumed our new caseworker would be young and once again we would someone else’s first case. Someone that may be slightly lost at first as I laid out the unbelievable details and events in our story. Someone that was not our old caseworker and would not know G. Someone that would need us to learn the ropes now. I told my mom last weekend that I just would like a little time before we even met this new person.

I got a week… because he called tonight.

His name is Sam.

Sam has been in the field a very long time. He is older and has seen cases “just like ours”. He said he knows all too well the magnitude of the heartbreak felt last weekend, and wanted to give us a little time before he called. Sam told me how he was called to work here from a different county recently, and knew the Lord wasn’t finished with him yet in foster care. Sam told me he thinks part of that maybe to see my family onto the finish line. Because that’s what he is planing to do. He said he’s here to help us finish our race. He said I know you are tired, but we are almost done and with the help of the Holy Spirit’s guidance we will get G in your home. Sam and I talked for a long time about God’s grace and how we have to put the seatbelt on and just ride. I told Sam I didn’t know what God was doing right now, we don’t have a date anymore, and I felt so lost there for a few days. But, that I feel like something is shifting and He’s doing something big. Sam agreed and reminded me God hasn’t brought us this far to leave us.

I’m in an awe of the one who came to adopt us all.



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