A psychologist took a Polaroid picture of our family.

She assessed G within our home for 4.5 hours one morning. She watched us cook breakfast, change him, play with both kids, and put him down for a nap (which was a struggle that day.)

She took a Polaroid to put in our file so she could later remember the family she had took notes on for hours for when the time came to testify.

And, she gave one to Jozi Noel.

JN carried this picture for a solid week. So proud of it. (It is still proudly displayed in her room a year later.)

I’m not quit sure why. Maybe because the nice lady gave it to her or that she has never really saw a camera print a picture like that.

But, either way she hung on to it tight. I didn’t love this picture a ton at first. Just not my favorite picture…

until later.

A few weeks later I reminded JN to pack an item for show and tell. I forgot that time to check what she packed. After, school I ask what she brought and how it went.

She pulled this picture out of her backpack. This is what her kindergarten class got to see for show and tell.

She’s truly had to be the most selfless of all of us, but yet she brought this picture.

The world needs us to Show and Tell what God has done in our lives. Put the picture in your backpack. But, don’t stop there get it out. Never stop telling your store. It’s what you have to bring- it’s your gift. It’s your pearl. Refined by our Creator.

This world needs more JN’s. I hope the seed of all of this good and bad cultivates in my children’s lives and they just love no matter what.🤍



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