Momma, let them be strong.


Let them know it’s good to have muscles.

Let them know we only exercise to be healthier, fitter, and to be able to run and play.

Not to fit into a certain size or mold that’s on TV.

Let them know that beauty comes from the heart and is kind and genuine.

Let them not see you constantly stepping on a scale. {I’ve vowed to not let my kids see me do that hardly ever.}

Let them not hear negative things you say about your body or self.

Let them see your worth is found in who God says you are.

Let them see you eat healthy things not to punish yourself, but because you love yourself.

Let them know that God created us all different, but all every single person in his own image.

Let them see how to value every single person around them.

Let them see how you respect people in authority out of respect for our Savior, who ordained them to be over us: bosses, teachers, officers of the law, government officials, etc.

Let them see us pray for those people and how we love people even if we disagree.

Let them know it’s good to be strong. 🤍

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