“This morning with you having breakfast.”

We didn’t, He did. 

I was thinking today about this time two years ago. It was in April. We had gotten a letter from DSS. They wanted to move G. I have wrote about how lawyers turned us down before. How the Lord sent Jim and Amy both to us right before.

But, I haven’t shared about the morning of that trial.

We kept JN home from school for the morning. Jared made a huge breakfast and we all ate together.

For some reason I had pushed that memory back and it resurfaced today. We knew if G left that day we wanted JN to have gotten to spend a little more time with him. And, for all of us to be together.

Together eating breakfast. How many times have we taken that for granted?

I was reading on another foster momma’s story today. One of her foster babies went home today to a birth parent. She said it was like every touch, hug, etc. leading up this was immediately followed by sadness.

I remember that morning. It was gut wrenching. I remember trying to take in every part of our meal together and it ached.

But, rejoicing today. We had breakfast together today and Lord willing again tomorrow.

I was thinking today also about how I use to think I was mentally tough. Playing sports in college, working out, having a baby, etc.

But. Man. Looking back. I realized those things were just God’s way of preparing me to be equipped in Him, to walk into court after breakfast that day.

His way of preparing our hearts to have faith in him to lead and guide us. Sometimes when I’m not sure how we even did it. I realize we didn’t, He did. 🤍

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