Legally Free!

And. just. like. that.

When we least expected it.

God changed the heart of G’s dad. He filed a motion yesterday to withdraw his appeal.

The fight is over.

And, we are giving every ounce of glory to God for this miracle. We are still processing just how BIG this is, but from the bottom of our hearts a HUGE thank you. To every person who has prayed for this moment, cared, supported, and loved us through some of our hardest days we are so very thankful for you.

Out of such a bad situation has came a whole lot of testimony and living breathing example of how great our God is.

We now wait for our legally free letter and his adoption day.

G is going to be a Kelley. 🙂

“For this child we have prayed.” 1 Samuel 1:27

{Now we aren’t sure of a time frame here. I’m guessing we still have several months.} But, we don’t mind. We are Officially on the home stretch. And, this momma heart is literally bursting wide open.

Once again what we’ve learned is when we hand it over- that’s when he works best.

When we quit holding on so very tightly- He shows us what He has in store. (See our post from a few days ago- unbelievable)


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