Resurrection Eggs.

I don’t deserve Jozi Noel Kelley. 🤍


Thing about Jo is- I don’t believe she wrote that she loved God on her paper at school because it’s the poticially correct Sunday School answer. But, because she loves God.

She also loves a million other things because she is her momma’s child and loves hard, but pictured is what she wrote. She loves God.

Two years ago around Easter I took her on a date to Poncho’s. Just us, after school. She asked me if she could bring her ‘Resurrection Eggs’ she had made at school in with us. Each eggs is filled with a little clue that helps tell the resurrection story. It leads up to the last egg that is empty- to represent the empty tomb.

She told me she wanted to bring them in tell Maria the lady who works there the story. Sure enough egg by egg she laid out the gospel in the most child like faith of a 5 year old.

Maria and I were both in tears at the table. It was worship at its finest.

As we walked out holding hands, Joz looked up and told me she needed to ask Jesus in her heart that day.

That she knew it was all true and she believed he died for her sins. So right there in the parking lot that day we prayed.

I thank the Lord for the Holy Spirits nudge of her soul that day and what I witnessed.



I pray my kids love God with their whole hearts forever and seek His face before anything else. 🤍



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