Heart Grown.

It’s this guys birthday week!!! 🎂


When he was 1 a psychologist told us to start early telling him he was born in our hearts.

That JN was born in my belly, but he was born in our hearts.

And, both equally wonderful.

So that when he gets bigger there’s no day where we sit him down and have the talk. We just always talk about it openly so The Talk doesn’t come with stigma.

Because we don’t know the age of understanding from one day to the next so we just talk about it all the time like normal until then.

So we have done just that. As silly as seemed to a little baby. It doesn’t seem that at all to this toddler we have now.

I point at my belly and tell him that’s where JN grew and I point at my heart and tell him that’s where he grew and how much we love him. And, he just smiles and usually wraps those arms around me.

I know we aren’t there to the understanding part—> but, I know he knows that means I love you.


How did we go from 8 months to 3 that quick?



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