He went through Samaria.

While we took a walk today around our neighborhood, I started to pray about everything going on right now in our country. How sided it seems- just all sorts of sides. I prayed for guidance in how to make a difference starting in my home.

In the middle of praying Holy Spirits words entered into my heart saying, “He went through Samaria.” He went through Samaria.

Our preacher has been preaching out of the gospel of John and right now we are talking about the woman at the well. Before we started studying this our family watched The Chosen. (If you haven’t watched download the app asap- it’s incredible.)

The final episode of the first Season is Jesus speaking to the woman at the well. I’ve watched it now four times and have cried every time.

Before he gets to the well the disciples are surprised he is going through Samaria.

They are baffled.

They want to go around. It’s almost double the time to go around. But, they want to go around because Jews don’t travel through Samaria. It’s almost taboo to go through there.

But, they go.

In the episode Jesus tells the woman he came there because he knew she’d be there. She was there in the heat of the day because no one would be seen with her because of her past.

Jesus said to her, “you are rejected by many, but not the Messiah.” Jesus went through Samaria just to find her that day {hallelujah} and to the well when it wasn’t time for people to be at the well. Because He knew her. He knew where she would be.

And, Jesus went through Samaria to find me-is what I’ve thought about all day since.

Jesus goes through Samaria to Jacob’s well to meet white people & black people, good cops & bad cops, peaceful protestors & rioters, biological kids & orphans, and me & you just the same.

He makes a special trip to the well in the heat of the day- while he’s hungry- and could have went and ate- when he could have went around to get from Judea to Galilee… He went through Samaria.

He broke all barriers at the cross for us to worship in unison.

That’s what we will teach in our home. He went through Samaria that day to find someone not at all like him to show how much she mattered.



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