Like Sun in the morning.

My faith wavered this week.

I got shook by the fact that we may have another little bump right here before the end…

To clarify I don’t think it’s a big deal. I think another paper needs to be filed stating that G’s dad does in fact want to drop the appeal. He does. There’s just a form needing to be filed by an attorney on his dad’s end. Our attorney is on it and is working to see how fast this can be filed. He called last night to reassure us this is all completely normal with appeal motions.

But, when heard this this week I went into panic mode. Like no no no we cannot be here again. Back in hurdle mode. I felt lots of feelings anxiety and anger mostly. I felt sorry for myself for a second.

Like, Lord I thought this was it?

But, I was reminded today of just how far God himself has brought us. When we were told it was impossible for DSS not to remove him because he hadn’t been here long enough. God said he stays. When two lawyers turned us down, God said I got something better- I’m going to give you two to fight for him. When every single door got shut- he made a Red Sea Road every single time.

And, you know what- He hasn’t brought us this far just to leave us. I felt so ashamed for those feelings today. Because who am I to think God isn’t going to get us across the finish line or to question him?

I thought I bet God is thinking- haven’t you’ve learned yet: I haven’t left you- Trust Me.

Not for one second has he left our side.He’s been right here. He’s carried us every step. Not our will God. But, yours be done.

Carry us on to cross the finish in your time. This is your battle anyhow. Never was ours. And, you shine so bright that everyone can see your glory. Xo

“Like sun in the morning, I know your going to be there every day. I hope you find me praising your name- no matter what comes.”

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