I was going through my pictures tonight and saw this. I haven’t really talked about it much. But, man I saw it and it brought back floods of emotions.

This is the absolute perfect picture of foster care.

This was 5:30 in the morning. G was scheduled to have tubes because his ear drum had ruptured on Easter morning just two weeks before.

His ear drum ruptured from past ear infections that he had not been treated for. So they scheduled his surgery for tubes right away.

A month before this his immune system was so low he caught Flu strain A, two weeks later Flu strain B. (One of those he had to be hospitalized for.) He caught hand foot and mouth and had several ear infections in between. All while we both were trying to uphold full time jobs.

But, this required surgery. And, guess what? Foster parents have no rights. None.

So a week before this picture I went to prison and ask permission for him to have tubes. Talk about humility.

G had been in our house at that point as long as he had been with his biological family. I was caring for his every need as best as I knew how. Staying up night after night praying for our sick baby.

Yet, I went to prison to ask permission. But, the guardian left prison before signing paperwork. So there we were. I again swallowed every ounce of humility I had and called another person I was told by DSS that may could help.

They consented and called the hospital for us. We were all set. Then there we were 5:30am all set for surgery and they find one document that had not been signed.

I remember all the feelings I had holding G knowing he needed surgery. I remember chalking my pride up and calling that same family member half way across the country it was 3:30am there.

I remember praying they’d answer so G could get help that day and the did!

But, man I remember these things like they were yesterday. I think you truly never know how much fight is inside of you for your babies until you have to.

I always look back at pictures and wonder how we survived? Then I realize we’ve been carried by a great God who loves us more than we could ever think about loving our children. We have a God that meets our needs and G’s.



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