“You had one job…”

We were told in court last year before an entire room of lawyers by an opposing lawyer, “that we had one job.”

Meaning we had one job to take care of him until he moved on.

Partially, that was a true statement. We were to take care of him until.. (until when- we still aren’t 100%.)

I think about those words so often. “You had one job.”

If you’ve ever been told that you know it’s usually not ever said very endearingly.

Your job is over- is what he was saying to us and now it’s time to move on without him.

Except what he didn’t get when he said that was parenting wasn’t ever a job it was a calling.

A gift. A privilege.

A mission field greater than a far country. I desired to be in missions for so long. I wanted that so badly for my life. I wanted those doors to open for us. But, what I’ve since realized is I have gotten that desire.

So I can’t take offense to what he said because it was never a job he was wrong about that.

Being JN’s mom, signing up for foster care, and then pursuing to fight for G has always been our field. 🤍

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