2020 was not our adoption year.

2020 {not our adoption year}


Literally, my world stopped for a split second that day in June.

Most of you know what happened.

Recap for those that don’t: we waited 72 days for our appeal period to be over (the second appeal that is) we were 72 days in and three hours left before G was legally free… an another appeal was made.

Sending our case out of our county and to the state.

At the time, I was devastated.

That feeling of happy right when you wake up and then you remember why you were sad and it just stings- kind of devastated.

During the week that followed I begged God for peace. I pleaded to Him to not let this appeal rob my joy.

He answered my prayer. He gave me peace.

We’ve now learned to wait on His timing without an actual date. We were so accustom to looking toward our next court date and how to trust while counting days.

Now we are just waiting on His perfect timing with no date.

2020 wasn’t our adoption year. I’m not completely sure 2021 will be. I hope so.

But, I don’t want to live waiting on a last name anymore. Life is oh, so short.

During this wait- I blinked and my 5 year old turned 8, and my 8 month old will soon turn 3.

If 2020 has taught me one thing it’s just to enjoy where we are right now and to be thankful for our health today …and if He allows tomorrow too.

We’ve learned to be thankful for our loved ones that the Lord has mercifully allowed us to borrow again today. That’s it. We pray for the day. But, we are thankful for this day too.


Praying for those who have lost loved ones this year. 🤍

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