2 weeks from 2 years.

We are two weeks away from having G for two years.


Two years. Someone asked me today how it was going and where we were in our case. Honestly, I don’t know where we are. Our appeal hasn’t been filed still. I was then asked if it was frustrating.

No, I don’t really feel frustrated right now. Tired. Some days really tired.

But, some days I feel like I want to hug that girl from two years ago so tight. I know she was really scared at times. Especially before court.

There are things I’m not quit sure how we made it out of without just breaking completely down. His trial for one. I remember after about the 4th witness took the stand asking the Lord to help me block out everything in the courtroom so I wouldn’t be able to hear anymore.

I remember looking at the coffee shop out the window and trying to picture myself there instead. I remember a ringing in my ears for two days after it, because of the words spoken that day.

Oh, it was heavy. But, yet by God’s grace we made it. And, only by it.

It gets harder to talk about what G went through and what we’ve been through the longer it’s been. Not at all from a standpoint of giving God glory. We love to give Him glory.

Just some days it doesn’t seem real that there was a time he wasn’t in our house. Like he’s been here so long that I don’t feel like he had another life before he came. Surreal almost.


In two weeks though you bet we are going to celebrate this milestone of another year. I’m not sure what the Lord has for him, but man I know it’s something spectacular. 🤍

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