In The Waiting

1 year with G!!!

Today is 1 year for us!!

This has by far been the most challenging year. Ever. We have needed the Lord’s help so undeniably much and He has been undeniably faithful in revealing Hisself-  over and over again. Court is a week and half away. What should be our TPR hearing. So really big stuff suppose to happen.

However, we found out today there’s a possibility of his case getting continued..again. My excitement of moving ahead quickly turned into frustration and disappointment today.

But, God has a funny way of giving us perspective, doesn’t he?!

I remembered how the Israelites were walking in the wilderness without food and then God provided manna from heaven. Fast forward- they get tired of eating manna. I always thought man how could they forget they were once slaves and it’s now raining bread and quail.. uhh From Heaven!!

But, that was me today. I felt tired for just a minute of being “in the waiting.” I felt tired for a split second of being asked “if we think we’ll keep him” or hearing, “I couldn’t do that.” I can’t either somedays.. well, most days. Ok, all the days. The unknown is beyond me.

That’s why God is getting the glory He deserves every chance we get. I don’t know the answer to the first question, but I serve a God who knew who’d raise G before the earth was formed. Who also has given us a chance to see his first time crawling, first steps, and first words. Who allowed him to live when by all means the fact he made it was a miracle.

And, this day feels like his birthday for us. The day I held him for the first time!!

That baby laying on that bed was scared to death and couldn’t open those swollen little eyes. But, has came so far. I’m so proud of him.

The miracle of it all is G is alive and without any serious life threatening injuries, that at one point there was a hearing to move him and God had different plans, and that time after time this year He’s be faithful. And, G has been with us a full year!! So what I realized after being frustrated for a little while today was God may ask us to wait again at this court hearing or He may not. He may ask us to wait another year or two.

But, either way it’s in His timing and He’s working on this heart of mine right where we are at. In the waiting.

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