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It is a tablespoon, or a little more, of Almond Flour.
One egg and a tad of Almond Unsweetened Milk
Mix that and let it set for a minute or two…Almond flour needs a little more time than regular flour to set.

Pour in pan with nonstick spray and let it cook like you would do a normal pancake.

Then you add what you like.
A drop of orange flavoring and I have used the butter flavoring when I was craving butter at the beginning.
Mashed Banana – this takes longer to cook and it won’t be a firm of a pancake.
Cocoa when craving chocolate

And then I put strawberries on top…I usually heat them a second in my pan after I make the pancake.

I couldn’t add a picture here, but I will put one on our Fostering Faith Facebook page.

Oh, and sometimes I heat unsweetened coconut flakes in the pan and pour it on top too.

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