Coming in 2023!

Reclaiming is a fitness program designed to adhere to the exercise needs of women that are survivors of abuse, violence, and/or medical trauma. To our knowledge there is no other fitness program in the world that will adhere specifically to these women. I can’t wait to get this out there!

Reclaiming Is a Space Where Survivors Can Find...

Help reclaiming their bodies through exercise

A comprehensive tool set to feel confident exercising

A soft transition to a regular fitness program

Reclaiming Your Body

As a fitness instructor and coach, I believe it is important for all of us to find strength within ourselves, to feel confident to move our bodies freely and to understand how to do so correctly. I believe it’s important to know just how capable we all are of achieving our fitness goals and reclaiming our bodies.

Reclaiming is not your typical fitness program (one that is defined by measurements or what you see in the mirror or on the scale); Reclaiming is about connecting with the wonderful power your body has and realizing that you, too, are capable of incredible things.

I will be working alongside my dear friend @oliviacastetter who will work as our Survivor Consultant. She will help guide me through the molding of the program based on survivors’ needs through fitness as I provide a platform of workouts tailored to these needs.

Olivia Castetter is a writer, and in her book Me, Too: Voicing My Story, she writes, “The biological vessel that carries me through this life was taken by another, used for their pleasure, and returned to me in a state I didn’t recognize.”

An avid hiker and adventurer, Olivia has talked to me about the ways she’s struggled with her body throughout her trauma recovery:

“It’s taken me a long time to see that those traumatic events left a mark on my body, but in order for me to see that, I had to first understand that my body had kept me alive. And now I need to take care of my body, just like it once took care of me.”

Olivia Castetter

Author, Survivor Consultant

How Reclaiming is Different

Beginning in April 2023, I will be working with 10 new survivor applicants every 3 months. Reclaiming will differ from our regular fitness program in the following ways:

On the days you do not have a suggested workout, we suggest taking this opportunity to go for a walk or enjoy a low intensity fitness activity of your choice, making sure you have at least two rest days scheduled in for the week.

Apply for Reclaiming

Our goal is to take 10 sponsored survivors every three months. To apply for our sponsored 3-month Reclaiming membership, you will need to fill out the questionnaire below. Your answers will help us determine your needs as related to physical fitness and exercise and will help us understand what injuries you may have as well as what modifications I can make on my end to better help you with your fitness journey. Over the course of your membership, I will be available to answer your fitness questions and provide regular check-in’s.

We ask that all survivors applying for the sponsored spots are also seeking therapeutic help, as we are not licensed therapists. Our Reclaiming program is meant to be a slow-paced, stress-free and safe space for you to begin reclaiming your body. However, we ask that you have contacted your therapist before starting this program so they can be aware of any triggers that may arise due to the new movements your body will be tasked with during the program.

Please review the flowchart on when to reach out to a therapist or your trainer (Brittany) during your time in Reclaiming.


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