4 weeks till our adoption.

We waited 3 years to adopt. And, we are down to 4 weeks.

I know that’s fairly common in foster care situations. But, I am an optimist to a fault. So I remember when someone tried to warn me the process could take up to “2-3 years and there’s a very good chance he won’t stay.” I knew it could happen, but I smiled and said “hopefully, not.” Every time a hearing stated we were getting closer and the adoption wouldn’t be too much longer I believed it would only take a few more months. And, last year when our lawyer called to tell me of an appeal, I thought the call was to tell
me G was legally free.


In that moment I felt like I lost hope for the first time. It had as I felt at the time robbed another year and put us in limbo again. That feeling didn’t last too long and God restored my hope.


However, today we are 4 weeks away. And, I am so thankful. Even more thankful for the extra year of waiting. Because It’s even sweeter- all of it. As we get to see years of prayers that have poured over G coming to be fulfilled- I would not take any of those 3 years of waiting back. I would not change any of it. For it was the Father’s will.


At one point God laid on my heart the “waiters” in the Bible. Abraham is known as, “The Father of Faith.” He waited 100 years for a son. I write that with tears. I only waited 3. He waited 100. (Oh, me of little faith.) Then you know what? God tested his faith and asked him to sacrifice Isaac. He didn’t actually want Isaac though. He wanted Abraham’s heart. He wanted to know he would be willing. The whole time.


I’ve learned now God didn’t want G back. The whole time he had plans to leave him Right here, he just wanted our hearts. He wants all our hearts. He wants us to lean on Him for everything.

Today, I am grateful for the 3 years in waiting that God used to show us: He just wants ours hearts in the wait.

Abraham waited 100 years for Isaac.

Jacob waited 14 years to marry Rachel.

Mary waited for the angel’s promise of Jesus.

Jesus waited to start his ministry, until the “time was right.” And, he is waiting to come again…

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