Spiritual Rest Part #2

Spiritual Rest Part #2 •

Stop working for your Father’s love.

This is hard for me. So hard.

I didn’t realize it was hard until I dug a little more into what Spiritual Rest actually is. It changes everything.

As a former high school/ college athlete/ teacher/ momma it comes so natural just to hustle. Hustling has been my life. But, as a child of God we just need to be His Child.

It’s that beautiful and simple. There’s no amount of hustle I can do to earn The Father’s love, but rather he delights when I rest in Him!!

I mean He will cover you with feathers and under His wings you will find refuge.

When I was younger and pitched on a summer softball team I remember hitting a certain pitch and looking for a thumbs up from my dad. He’d be there every time for a thumbs up. But, he’d also be there to tell me what to do if I didn’t hit a pitch. He wanted the best for me, but it wouldn’t have changed his love if I missed every one. But, I longed for approval. A lot of times we look to our Heavenly Father for a thumbs up, when I think we just need to lay down at His Feet. He’s the pitcher not us. For me it’s hard to give up the control of the hustle and approval! But, that is flesh.

Spirit is letting our Father have full control so He can have full glory. I’m so far from where I want to be on this, but I want to dig so much deeper into it. How can we rest in Him this week?

Help us Holy Spirit. 🤍



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