Name Change.

I just had to pick up a prescription for G.

I had to give his full name.

I teared up.

I don’t often have to say his full name so when I do it has always felt a little tough for me.

I’ve often thought about him starting school and wondered how we’d handle changing his name- in the middle of a school year- or this would jar/alter something for him- or how old he’d be.
I’ve been thinking a lot about G getting a new name. My sister remind how significant it was in the Bible for your name to be changed.

So I started reading and digging a little deeper. I found this beautiful quote on why God may have changed ones name in the Bible.

“The Bible doesn’t give us His reasons, but perhaps it was to let them know they were destined for a new mission in life. The new name was a way to reveal the divine plan and also to assure them that God’s plan would be fulfilled in them.”

It was a covenant, a promise, a new identity in Him. 🌈



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