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        Hey y’all I’m Delana. I live in Anderson with my boyfriend (better be soon to be fiancé and wife lol), Jacob, and he has a 7 year old daughter, Amaya, that we raise together full time. We have been a family for about 2 years now and life for me quickly changed when this happened, for the good of course. However, working out and taking care of myself physically went to the back burner. I slowly worked my way back to the gym trying to squeeze in time between work and having a family at home. Then COVID happened and I completely got off track, and that’s when I started seeing Whitney Reeves’ post about FFF. Seeing her excitement about the program motivated me to eventually follow FFF on instagram and eventually I signed up. Also, when I signed up I won resistance bands in the giveaway so I kinda took it as a sign from God that I made the right decision. Now I’m almost done with my 3rd week and cannot be more happy that I am part of this group now. Not only am I getting fulfilled physically by the workouts, but also I’m getting more fulfilled spiritually and mentally. I look forward to many more days of this journey! My goal is to focus on my self care in all ways and get healthier in general. xoxo

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